Rosetta Stone

October 10th, 2010

Even when you’re no longer in school, there’s always a moment where we’re required to learn. For example, when you’re travelling to France and haven’t studied French in. . . oh, ten years? Well, thankfully there’s a learning program that can help. Rosetta Stone makes roughly 31 different language courses, teaching individuals to speak Arabic, Russian, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and many more.The program is divided into different levels, which vary from course to course. For studying Japanese there are only three levels, meanwhile Italian programs offer five levels. The number of levels will just depend on the language. However, if all you need is a basic understanding of a language, you can purchase the level one course.Rosetta Stone has perfected the immersion technique. Instead of focusing on flash cards and individual exercises, the programs place you in environments where the language is used freely. So instead of memorizing word after word, you’re seeing the language in action. Essentially, by immersing you in foreign surroundings, Rosetta Stone makes language learning a natural process.The CD-Roms are expensive, with the initial level costing around 200. For the more advanced levels, the price rises dramatically. However, if you are serious about language acquisition, Rosetta Stone is one of the best programs to use.

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