Make Your Study Time Count

August 29th, 2011

Study time is important for children of all ages. To make the most of your child’s study time, it is important to minimize distractions. This means turning off the television, cell phone or iPod while working on homework. If your child must use the computer, ensure they avoid social networking sites. Make sure your child is given the proper set up to be successful. A desk and comfortable chair are necessary to keep your child relaxed and focused. Good lighting and a bin of nicely organized supplies can make doing homework or preparing for an exam much easier. Creating a consistent study time can also help your child transition to doing school work at home. If study time falls directly after school, it is nice to have some prepared snacks to munch on while working. If you child has a big exam or spelling test, work with them one on one. Have them spell words for you or quiz them on their knowledge of history events. Taking time to study with your child shows that you are involved and care about what they are learning. Remember that all students get overwhelmed and it is important to take breaks while studying.

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